Saturday, August 16, 2008


to the newest member of our family....
Mr. Tuba.
He's the new possession of Gabby's.
She wants to play the Tuba.
You go Gabby Girl!
Best part of this...I don't have to buy it...the school will furnish at least 1 for her...2 if nobody else wants to play it. One for home, and one for school.
Pretty cool I thought.
It would seem that Tuba's have come a long way in their design.
I haven't researched much yet, but the days of the wrap around your body Tuba's would seem to be numbered...I only found 2 photos of those.
Monday Gabby will start playing so we'll see if she brings it home.
I'll get photos if she does for sure.
Other than that...not much going on at the Trump house. I sent Tom to Pooler to take a POST test this morning and I'm about to start on this scrap room and file. I just can't stand it no mo'.
Then it's dishes and packaging pears. We have pears outta the wazooo. And I ain't kiddin'...we have more on the trees.
Congrats to the US Olympic Teams...I'll have that on all day.
Also, please keep Tiffany in your thoughts and prayers...pray she gets some relief from this pain she's feeling.
And pray Tom gets a job this week.
Happy Saturday otherwise.
P.S. NOW the George interviews show up! Gotta love technology!

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