Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I thought I'd update our doings on this post.

First and foremost...Happy Belated Birthday goes out to Quinn...Lynn make sure you tell him for us! Upon looking the calendar this morning, I happened to remember it was around this time.

Erik is liking football practice...even in this 100+ degree heat we've been getting. Last night was a challenge get him home, showered, fed, and off to Scouts by 7...Tom said he was falling asleep on the way to He'll get used to it though...and sleep good at night, no doubt.

Natalea...well she's enjoying the 7th grade. Their whole homeroom switches classes together, so I believe they have the same kids together all day long.

Gabryelle...she loves her class...and hasn't had much homework...she's liking that.

Monique...she's had homework too. So not right for a third grader, but start em early I guess.

Tom...well, he's still job hunting and my house isn't quite spotless yet...and well his list is long still of things to get done. First priority is that 2x4 for my keyboard tray at work.

And me...well, I'm still me and I'm still here. 3 days until that class reunion...wonder if I'll be missed? Ha...I doubt it very much. I'll be creating while they drink on Saturday...heck I may even have a couple Crown's and give em a toast! {I'll let you think that!}

So there you have it. Happy Wednesday!

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