Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Stuff

I love Friday's.
It's payday.
It's the last workday.
It's grocery shopping day.

I got a dang good deal on laundry soap.
Saved $6 at least.
On a 100 oz. jug.
So I got 2.
Gain even.
At Thriftway.

You see, every week they have an ad. And this week's ad had Gain 50-100 oz for $3.98. Well, I happened to remember to look on my bottle in the laundry room and see that 100 oz. is what I usually get {and pay $9 for at Wal-Mart} and knew that was a STEAL! The cashier however, was not going to honor it until I said I'd come back and talk to a manager about it...well low and behold, there that manager was...and yes, I got the deal of the day! They are really sweet over there...and on my way out, another cashier hollered at me and remembered to give me next week's ad in advance. LOVE that friendly and they have great deals too! I picked up Hamburger Helper for $1 apiece even...they had them 5 for $5! Stockpiling...gotta love it.
Now, next week, I'll just have to get meat as I have everything else!

I'm off to set up the sewing machine and start my crafting day.
Happy Saturday to you!

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