Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Monday

I shoulda just stayed in bed, at home, away from people.
I have been in THE most fowl mood...and we ALL know how that is.

Yesterday, I did a system restore on my computer to get my tunes back.
Don't do that. Ever.
It messed up my network card somehow.
I spend 106 minutes on the phone with HP's Tech Girl.
Only for her to tell me that I would have to send it in to get it fixed.
She said, "Back up your files and we'll ship you the box."
I backed it up. At least I THOUGHT I did.
After I backed it up, I thought I would try to system restore back to the factory settings.
I succeeded.
I restored it. That fixed my internet issue. And erased everything off my hard drive.
I then put the backup discs in. The first one was blank. WTH?
The second one had photos on it from May until now. Cool...I still have George.
BUT I will have to go and re-add my favorites in. And all my links, etc.
And my music. Tess, send me those cd's.

And how was your Sunday?

This morning, I was fine until the dog decided she was going to do her duty on my bed.
NOT a pretty sight and she's lucky she's still alive.
So I stripped the bed and threw the sheets in..which were newly put on last night.
Yeah, not a good day.
There is more, but I'll spare you the gory details and stop right there.
Happy Monday.
TT...ain't no love today.

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Petra said...

Oh man! I hope today is better!!! I lost all my blog links a while back too, and it is a chore trying to get them all back!! And sadly, I've done that with the backup discs too - put them in later and they are blank. Nice!! lol