Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Birthday to Julian Vela!
20 years ago today, he was born.
He is the son of a high school friend...and named after Julian his dad is a big Beatles!
If anyone sees Pat or Mary, make sure you tell them about this post!
I'll have to get a card cranked out this weekend for him...he's a little cutie and always has been!

It's Friday.
There's work to be work and home.
Let's start with after work chores for today.
Sewing and once a year thing. Erik has his Court of Honor on Sunday so his sash needs to be current. Then I'll have a few more to sew on after that. Might as well sew up what else I have too...I suppose I could do those dresses my mom wanted 4 years ago...hehehe.

I will finish this album to be shipped out Monday to Canada. I think they will like it...a silly Brit and a silly Canuck are getting married and I am making thier guestbook...I should get those flags out...hehehe.

Scrapbooking, laundry, etc. etc. and MAYBE clean up my scrapspace mess. I am so enjoying just crafting...last night before Big Brother I even got some creative time in...I think I will try to scrap when I can and see how far I get that way, instead of making time on a weekend day...I may get more done if I scrap when I can!

Lynn's package should be here today. My Stampin' Up! ink swatches are in there. Apparently I didn't get that memo that they have renamed some colors and I need some refills or new stamp pads, so Lynn sent me a swatch.

I'm sending Tommy to a job fair today in Savannah. Something should pan out soon...I hope. I'll print out a bunch of resume's for him to take. Keep praying that he finds a job and soon!

Well the dryer has buzzed, I 've been doing laundry since 3 a.m.
Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah them dresses would be nice lol your negelected mother..hugs and kisses to all