Friday, August 29, 2008

High Heels, Tubas, and Cleats, OH MY!

Yep, only in the south do they wear high heels to a football game. Not sure what the reasoning is, but it's kinda ridiculously so not right. I had to get pictures as the folks back home would NEVER believe me. Ever. Hehehe.
Gabby and her Tuba. That thing is bigger than she is...too funny! She got the old, ancient one to bring home. Tom brought it home yesterday. Now she can toot her own horn. Hehehe.

The coin toss. You just can't even imagine the mother's pride I felt. Only Captain's participate in the coin toss. Usually. That's my the middle, left side. SO very cool.
LOVE this shot. I had the Mack Daddy Zoom on...with the sports settings...sitting on the top row of the bleachers...he was 50 yards or so away. Awesome.
The final score...28-6. We won. It was a great game for being 8th grade. Sure brought back alot of those 8th grade football memories for me....Take a knee fellas...I can still hear Coach Casper saying.
My 2 littles...on their way to the restroom...hand in hand, sisters forever.
Another perfect ending to a perfect day.
We didn't get home until about 7:30...we stopped at school and closed down the Open House...missed Mo's teacher even. But we got to chat with the HOTTIE Coach McNeely. He wants Erik to play basketball. Time will tell if Erik wants to play or not.
Supper was served at 8pm...I will have to adjust the schedule for the next week.
We play in Reidsville.
Looking forward to it.
Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

oh i thought he was on the right side of that picture lol...oh no...that must be remmy hahahahaha