Thursday, May 14, 2009


Back on April 21, 2009 I posted some verses to the song "As" and would like to bring you back to that post to reflect on those lyrics.
Listen to the song...I mean REALLY listen to the message in it.
It's quite uplifting and spiritual.
Of course, I'm biased and all of George is spiritual for me. ;)
And know, I'll be loving you always...

One day...I'll meet him...and we'll say MISSION GEORGE: Accomplished. Hehehe.

Thursday's going's on....
Work and school...I have a paper to finish up and an Ad Campaign to master. I'll post after it gets graded, but here's a involves Tide and the ocean...heh...imagine that!
Everything is due Sunday by midnight, so I'll immerse myself in that.
I'm thinkin' I may call my brother and meet up with him since the next weekend he was talking about going home for the long weekend.

I'm registered for next term. And books are on their way for Art History and Advanced Image Editing. This oughta be fun. I decided to take 2 classes this term and I'll get back on track after this term, but for now since we have a vacay upcoming, I'm not spending my WHOLE vacay in school. We start back on the 27th. So that will be crunch week to get as much done as I can ahead of time.
Know what I mean Vern?

One day I'll do a post about what I've learned so far in life. But for now I'll leave you with this:

Happy Tip of The Day
Don't waste your life being angry and bitter.
It ain't pretty for all involved and life will pass you by.
Learn to forgive and move on.

Happy Thursday Y'all.
Love you much,

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