Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stalking The Man In Brown

I'll be stalking the Man In Brown today.
You see, Tommy told me he ordered me something for Mother's Day and left me with nothing but a tracking number. Now that's evil. I am DYING here to find out WHAT it is...and dying to get it! I'll be hovering around the front office today...waiting, waiting, stalking, pacing, waiting.
To see what my dear husband got me.
I love surprises and I hate surprises. It's bittersweet for me.
I love the excitement, but don't want to be disappointed.
I do have some things to do at work today to try to take my mind off of this...for a minute.
On another note...I have a huge box almost full of stuff to donate to Children's. I made 2 albums this weekend and will make a few more this weekend. I really need to use up some stash!! And it's all for a great cause. I'm thinking maybe 2 boxes will go out, although I'm going to try to get it into one!
I also have to sort through Miss Ashley's photos this weekend and put them in some sort of order, sift through the doubles, you know, the usual. THEN I can put them into the album. Which reminds me I need to hit the CM website for those really cool layouts with cut up photos. I have some ideas brewing. Heh.
Speaking of Heh. Head over to Kim Kesti's blog to take her 30 day challenge. (See the link to the right) Ashley's project is part of MY 30 day challenge. AND she's giving away a $100 Target gift card! Which if I win, I will donate ALSO to Children's so they can go get adhesive and scissors and crafty things to go with all the scrappy stuff they are getting.
I just need to win that Mega Millions. I'd donate as much as I could then, whatever the limit. I'd only need 2 million, everyone else can have the rest.
On yet another note...
Today is my parent's anniversary. Even though dad is gone, I still count it. This would have been their 30th I think...I'm sure mom will correct me if I'm wrong. I need to see the invitation to remember the actual year...it was '78 or '79...so it could be the 31st.
But anyway, Happy Anniversary.
I'm thinking of you today mother.
And Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

actually, the first time we were married was in 1969....the second was in 1979 .the first time we were married for 7 years...so the total of time spent with your father is a year more than your age lol.

Tonja Trump said...

SO had you STAYED married..it would have been your 40th in November..but I am right about the 30th! You didn't celebrate the 1969 one..so that doesn't count!