Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Dear Husband

After I nearly ran over the Man In Brown...I opened up my package to find 2 new cell phones in it. I can't believe my dear husband did that on his own. I still think it's a fluke. But it sure is fun playing with a new gadget and getting everything set up.
It was so much fun, I kiked his Vikings cell phone holder until I can find one I like!
AND I can change the faceplates. TOO I can have a different look every 3 months if I wanted. Heh. That's a great idea!!

I think I may go to the Alltel store and browse around a bit on my lunch hour. Heh.

Tommy is doing well in his training. They get to go over to the prison today and do searches. Just pray his knee holds out until AFTER graduation. I'm making him RICE it until then.
(Man, I miss Dr. Urbi.)
Then I'll get him in to the specialist.
Until then, we'll baby it.

So..on that happy note,
Happy Hump Day!

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