Friday, May 1, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend, I am making time for a date with George and some patterened paper.
Yes, it's that time again folks.
National (or International) Scrapbooking Day is here!!
I have several projects to complete or at least get a good grip on, starting with these:
1. Ashley's album
2. Dad's album
3. Mini-Albums for Mpls. Children's

I plan on scrapping my stress away and forgetting about the legal battle I'm in the middle of. But that's another post someday.

I think a trip to Hobby Lobby tonight is in order. I need to find that piano paper and they may have it. If not, then I'll order it online. Maybe I'll get sheet music of the songs I most remember my dad singing...that would be cool, now wouldn't it! I can't wait to get this rememberance album started. There's so many things I don't want to forget and even though Alzheimer's isn't genetically a part of my family, I'm always afraid it'll hit me (like everything else).

I already have short term memory it wouldn't surprise me. But I'll save the rest of it for my paper I'm going to be starting on Sunday regarding the importance of memory keeping. It's all tied together and it's all good.

Peanut gets her shots today and Tommy will be home tonight. I'm hoping Bubba will be out of his pail by Sunday. Poor baby. I'll take photos and post this weekend.
Until then,
Happy Friday!

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