Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's Musings

Today is bittersweet for me.
We are almost all packed up and ready to roll.
It's my last day at the FABULOUS Salter & Shook Law Office.
God Bless 'em, they're going to miss my comedic self.
I'm really going to miss them too.

Those girls kept me sane most days and on the other days listened to my rants and raves about the way good ol' Georgia does things. And how EVERY county is different and NOBODY is on the same page. It was a learning experience and it taught me some patience and flexibility.

I won't forget the way Amanda says, "Hey there" or "Sparky".
I won't forget the term of endearment "MF" that Jamie speaks of.
I won't forget the way Lynn says, "Look here, Sparky."
I won't forget the way Ann calls Toby Keith her husband.
I won't forget the recipes that Elaine has shared with me.
I won't forget the way Carolyn has to holler so W.L. can hear her.
I won't forget the way Ms. Betty looks at me when I ask her for money for this filing or that one.
I won't forget the stories that Mr. Salter tells. He's full of knowledge and BS, that one is.
I won't forget the sound of Susan's shoes in the hallway or her cute giggle.
I won't forget the sight of Mitch's chicken legs on golf day.
I won't forget how Lew putzes with the computers on a daily basis.

Yep, in the last year and 2 months, we've had some good times and many, many laughs and even some shed tears. They are my second family for sure. The kindness and generosity that they shared with me and my family is truly heartfelt and I'll never forget that. Ever.
And one day girls, when I win the lottery...we'll have us our party. You can bet on that! ;)

And as the band Poison once said, "I won't forget you baby!"
I love y'all with all my heart and you can bet your sweet ass I'm coming back to see you all!

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Lynn Sheffield said...

Hey there Sparky!!!! You know we each have had our own imprint on your life.... We are going to miss you and your family.... Don't forget how HOT Georgia can get in the summer even when you complained it was too cold at your end of the hall. Love ya, Lynn