Thursday, July 9, 2009


Head over to and buy up everything.
Wendy is having a clearance sale and everything must go!
I am very sad to report that ScrapSupply will be closing its doors.
I loved this place.
Still love it.
I will still have my ScrapSupply Wall of Fame too, one day.
Now that I am back in Faribault, I can rent an overhead from the library and paint the logo on my canvas.
Alot of good times and good memories right there.
Alot of good tips and tricks too.
Too many to keep up with, in fact.
I wish I could win the lottery to throw some money their way.
I would.
Thank you Wendy and John White for a fabulous last 5 years, lots of friendships, lots of deals, and lots of fun and good times.
I love you dearly and wish you the best in your next adventures.
Embrace the change, it's for the better.
Happy Thursday!

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