Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Well it's been a week since I last blogged.
Lots of good stuff to read on the blogs to the right of you.
(Check out Ally's new space and Kim's cute ass tote!)

Nothing much happening here.
Tommy turned 43 on Wednesday.
We had a little impromptu party, complete with a little cake and ice cream.
Then a stop off to Godfather's where I filled out an application and picked up another.
Endless applications with a few interviews.

Hopefully something will pan out soon. I'm tired of sitting around already. It's not my nature.
I like to make money and be productive.

I'm thinking about starting back selling Mary Kay.
I totally believe in the product and am living proof that it works.
I have no wrinkles or laugh lines to prove it.
I'll be 39 in September. Heh.

Tommy is exploring a truck driving school as I type, on the recommendation of a friend of ours.
Cross your fingers.

No plans for the weekend yet. I hope to do lunch at Al's today.
That Donnie Burger is calling my name.

Happy Friday to you!
Don't forget that sale is still going on!
Everything must sell!!


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