Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I stayed home yesterday from work due to the awful sunburn I acquired at the beach on Saturday. I couldn't even put a bra on and well, we don't need to be subjecting the public to THAT, so I stayed home.

While I was there though, I cranked up my wattage for the cottage and started packing up my scraproom. I have ALOT of stuff. Period. While I didn't get it all packed up, I will by Thursday. Friday morning we are heading north and I hope we are on the road by 5am. I need to get as much driving done during the day so I don't have to drive so much at night. This is our plan anyway. We'll see how it all plays out.

Tommy helped the girls get their room packed up too, so that's done. Erik has his to pack and then we have to finish up the kitchen, dining, bedroom, and scraproom. And the odds n ends stuff. So we'll be on our way shortly!

Happy Tuesday!

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