Saturday, June 13, 2009

Party Day 2009

It's officially Party Day here at the Marlar hometown. EVERYONE is having a party today and in fact we are having 2 just because we can!

First, Happy Golden 13th Birthday to my baby girl Natalea Rose Trump.
Natalea is my first born daughter and named after the nurse midwife Natalee Johnson that was part of my OB care when Dr. Howell and Dr. Barr couldn't be there. I loved how she spelled her name differently and I came up with my own version, even if folks pronounce it Nat-AL-e-Yah sometimes. Her middle name, Rose, is my and her grandma Trump's favorite flower and well I've always liked the name Rose.
These 13 years with her have been fun, exhilarating, and challenging to say the least. And I wouldn't change a thing about them, even when she was naughty.
Happy Birthday Natalea!
We love you very much!

Second, Happy Graduation Party Day to Ashley!
It's been a long time coming for my Goddaughter and we're so very proud and tickled that she did it. She's the second Marlar to cross the Faribault High School graduation stage and we couldn't be more pleased or proud of her! Even Mr. Turtle the principal was proud of her and had to help her down from the stage. ;)
Congratulations Ashley and we hope you have a great day today!!
We love you very much too!

It's been a fun week overall here this week hanging out with friends from long ago and getting free pizzas from even older friends. Making new BFF's (Hi Kayla! LOL!) and hanging out with my all time bestie Cheryl! Love the new hairdo girl!! ;)
I'll have to get pictures of us today...lots of photos to take today...I better get off here and charge up my camera! I have to finish editing and post graduation ones on Facebook too for those who forgot their camera on Sunday. ;)

Happy Saturday!

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