Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

As of my Honor students in the paper.
Gabby and the other 5th graders...notice that her and C.J. Freeman are listed by each other...they're buddies. ;)
My son, the Bobcat! The principal stands to be 6'3" (I asked him) and my son is an inch shorter. He really sprouted up this past year and I'm sure isn't done growing taller.
We are really proud of our childrens. Erik, Gabby, and Mo all made the Honor roll at least once this past year and Natalea is bringing up the rear and will shoot for it next year!

The Little Mermaid is still on....after 20 years of existence. I know it's been 20 years because Ashley was just born when it came out on DVD.

My hair has curls. Again.
Now to let it grow out. Again.
One more day until FLYDAY!
No paycheck yet. I hope the PTO one isn't this much of a hassle.

I cleaned off my scrapdesk and put away the AWESOMENESS that Tania Willis sent me in exchange for the Legos I sent her. Man that girl gave me TONS of stuff! Her generosity and creativeness ROCKS! Check out her blog some awesome tutorials...we LOVE the Monkey one!!
Graduation party supplies are bought and paid for (Thanks Tess!) and I will make the Mint Patties when I get there...I have to make some graduation caps tonight! Should be easy since I'll use my Slice machine! Now the question is, is how many patties come to a package? I'll get those when I get there...that will give me something to do crafty while I'm there!
Toodles until tomorrow!

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