Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graduation Photo Share

Here's our girl...the happiest day of her life thus far...for sure.
The 2nd Marlar to graduate from high school and to walk across that infamous stage.
Walking in for the Processional to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.
The other girl is Jaliza Marlin. Thank goodness for a Commencement Program, Ashley pronounced it like "Jillisa."
In the sea of black caps...there is a girl anxiously awaiting the walk across the stage. You can see the nervousness on her face.
The walk across the stage and the pride just beams from this girl.
The Faribault School Board member congratulating our girl and handing her the Diploma Binder that will house her Faribault High School Diploma.
The Recessional...after Principal Turtle presented the class, they all tossed their hats...Ashley included. She lost her sash in the process and the blonde girl behind her here, Jessica Maas, helped her get her hat back on and found her sash for her.
And that's the story of a girl they said wouldn't live past the age of 7.
Congratulations Ashley Marie Marlar!!
We love you and are VERY proud of you!!

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