Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Friday

I spent my lunch with the girls from work...Jamie, Lynn, Ann, and Amanda...and our rockin' waiter at Vallarte's, Saoul. He had us in and out in 45 minutes...done and paid for. Nice.

Chatted with my girl Brenda today. Should be an interesting weekend to say the least. She may be coming for a visit and we can't wait! I'll take photos and post I'm sure.

FINALLY got all my photos from Ashley's party on FaceBook...and then Tracy and Laina and Kayla tagged them for me...nice to have slavegirls like that. ;)

Erik comes back tomorrow from camp...he hasn't been here in 2 weeks! It has been quiet, but we sure miss him alot!

That's all I got for now...I'll holla when I can. I am off to get some homework done.

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