Monday, June 22, 2009

Productive Weekend

We had a productive weekend. We really didn't have a choice in that.
You see on Friday when I got home there was a letter on the table saying that I have 7 days to vacate this house. Apparently the lady doesn't want to sell it now and Georgia has a 7 day eviction rule much like our 30 day eviction rule in Minnesota. Nice.
Thanks for that. I could have saved myself $10,000 but hindsight is 20/20.
Love the weather here, but hate the backwardness of this state. They don't have a "warm weather" rule either like our "cold weather" rule. Doesn't make sense to me, but whatever.

So we have until Friday to pack it all up and move it out. I still have to work and go to school in the meantime. But after my vacation, I can do this. I am woman, hear me roar. ;)

So I called my girlfriend up and said, "Look here, we have 7 days to get out." She said, "We're coming to get you." So they are in North Georgia as I type and on their way to come get us. Gotta love old friends and their spouses. We'll be in Minnesota again by July 1, 2009.

Mind you, we have no regrets about this. This was an awesome experience and I thank Tiffany for giving it to us as it's her grandmother's house. We enjoyed our time here and the people of the land, but for whatever reason living here is not in God's plan. There's a reason for everything and I put it in God's hands a while ago. We'll just roll with it and carry on.

So our plan is to head up north and get back to life as we knew it. We'll worry about jobs and such when we get there, but we'll be staying with Lynn for a bit until we find something of our own. I have been applying for jobs, so we'll see where that goes. We'll check out the temp services too when we get there.

Pray for a safe trip and say a prayer for my girl Petra as she treks across the country also with her 6 kiddos for her move.

Happy Monday!

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