Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend will be busy once again.

Tonight, Erik has a game in LeSeuer that I won’t be able to go to. I’ll be excited to hear if they are undefeated still or not!

Friday, I will have an extra kid…Ashley…as Tessie is going to Las Vegas for the weekend! I better get an M&M SOMETHING out of it too! M&M World TESS…DON’T FORGET! Megan is going over to Tiffany’s house…she’s such a Ditcher! I have to pick Ash up after work, so I’ll be late getting home (for my fans that keep track!).

Natalea has another Volleyball Tournament in LeSeuer on Saturday. I might have mentioned that yesterday. So I’m looking forward to getting up early on Saturday and getting all the kids up and ready to go by 7:30 a.m. (NOT). I believe her games start at 9:00 a.m. and hopefully there won’t be a big crowd there. And I won’t forget the tripod this time either!

Then I’ll come home, put on my pajamas and play some poker for a bit. Then I have to get some invites printed up so that I can put them all together on Sunday. My deadline to have these done is November 1st. They all have to be done and most addressed by the time I leave for Georgia to see Tiffany. (35 Days, but who’s counting besides us?)

Sunday will bring lots of scrappy inspiration I think. It’s supposed to rain out and I scrap best when the sun is shining so we'll see what happens. I need to catch up on my scrap boards too, so maybe I’ll do that on my breaks in between. I might have to send Tommy on an Adhesive Run too. We’ll see what the day brings I guess!

ETA: Natalea is spending the night at her friend's house Friday and will go to Volleyball with them! It's supposed to rain and my windshield wiper motor went no driving in the rain for me!

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