Friday, September 7, 2007


Lists, Schedules, Itineraries, and Deadlines, etc.
I love them.
I hate them.
I got to have them!

Post It Notes are my friends.
Notebooks are my best friends.
Computers are my love.

I have been busy at work making lists and schedules.
I have been brainstorming like crazy.
I want this wedding to be the Bomb Diggity of all weddings.
I don’t want to forget a THING!
So in my downtime at work, (which has been a lot lately), I have been busy with the wedding preparations. I know it’s early yet, but the more I get done now, the better it will be when the time comes.
I have one whole notebook designated for such lists. I also grabbed an empty binder off my shelf and named it the “Bruce and Irene’s Wedding April 25, 2008” binder.
I have a rehearsal day schedule as well as the wedding day schedule.
I have the guest list, the flight times, the photo op’s, I have it all in this notebook. Soon to be transcribed onto the computer, at least what I can and need to. Then I’ll print and copy and dispense to those who need to know. It’s a system of sorts. The TT Way you could say.

I thrive on this…don’t know why, but I do. It gives me a rush of adrenaline like no other activity can. Kind of cool actually, but yet at the same time, stressful. It’s a challenge of sorts, like my very own MISSION. My PERFECTIONIST ways leave no room for mistakes or flexibility. So I need to keep these in check on this day (insert B&B here to help with that too). If I follow the lists it’s a good thing, Martha said so.

Yes, organization is the key here. Lucky for me that it’s in the Stars, I love to organize! I got GAME when it comes to that. If I take my time, NO RUSH right? And I’ll always have the help of my B&B when I need it. One will calm my nerves, and the other will dig in and help with whatever I need. Good thing that they already know this, or at least I hope they do! I’m counting on them to help me make this the best day for Bruce and Irene. They are after all, the Best Man and the Bridesmaid. I want everything to be so perfect. No mistakes, no worries, no mishaps. Just a great time for everyone involved.

Yes. That is my wish for you two. You have entrusted me with this project and I take my job very seriously. Nothing will get in the way of your day, this I can PROMISE to you.

TT will do all she can with all her might and lots of love, to ensure that your day is perfect.


tiffanysolano said...

You know you have all my support with this hon. Whatever you need I am there to help any way that I can. All ya gotta do is just gimme that look and I will know.....You know I can read your mind so you won't have to say a word!!!! ITS MY JOB....I too want to make this day as special as possible so I am offering you my services...whatever you need just let me know !!

Anonymous said...

Dear sweety,

Bruce and i are very happy with all that you are doing for us.
We know that are special day will be great because of you,tiff,and of course Oui.
We couldn't have had anyone else but you three.
You are all very special to us.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.We hope to repay you some day so don't be afraid to ask.And tonja don't fret all will be great.
Love Ma & Pa