Monday, September 10, 2007


I have a love for sharks and dolphins.

Ever since the movie Jaws came out in the 70's, I have loved sharks. Something about that big fish just intrigued me to no end. Enough to write a Term Paper on it in the 9th grade for Science class. I believe I got an A on that paper and probably still have it in my bins of memorabilia too.

It's grace, beauty and power just amazes me. Pretty impressive how something so large can be so vicious.

Dolphins, well they're just gorgeous. Grace and beauty is what they're all about. How they can jump up out of the ocean waters just amazes me. I'm in awe every single time. I could spend my whole day watching the dolphins jump and play in the ocean water and not once get bored with it. I often tell my children that when I die, I would like to be creamated and throw my ashes in the ocean so that I can swim with the dolphins forever. One day, I will swim with the dolphins. Then I can cross that off of my To Do Before I Die list.

In November when I go visit Tiffany in Georgia, we are going on a Dolphin Watch in Savannah. I'm tickled as all get out. Give me the ocean and watch me shine like a star in the sky, but give me dolphins to go with it...well I'll light up the sky like a million stars.

Enter the Full Tilt Poker Shark Avatar and the inside joke to go with it. You see I have the Beach Babe avatar and almost always there is some dude hitting on her. It never fails actually.

And everytime I tell them, "You have to have FIN to even be considered!" And usually Vman is the Shark avatar and at the table, he's my main FIN for protective reasons mainly.

Enter my FINS t-shirt. FIN on SKIN! I now am the proud owner of my very own FIN! You see, Tiffany was looking for a Miami Dolphins shirt for me and happened to stumble upon this one. She sent it to me Thursday...and I got it today! Now we all know I'm a true Minnesota Vikings fan, but them Dolphins are my next team. Not that I follow them closely or anything, I just like the logo actually. So that qualifies them to be in my favorites category.

So I model this FINS shirt proudly for you today. I now have my very own FIN and I'm so tickled about that! I'll be a Glow In The Dark TT for a long time now. I got FIN!


tiffanysolano said...

I am so glad you like you shirt !!! You wear it well hon....and ya finally got your fin! Wear that shirt with pride ya

Anonymous said...

you are so cute in that fin shirt
hope u bring it to the wedding
I want to see it for real lmao
love mom

Anonymous said...