Friday, September 14, 2007

Birthday and Ocean and Dolphins...Part 2

Sad day today. The temperature only reached 50 degrees in Minnesota today. But the sun was shining by the afternoon anyway.
And dang...I had to wear a turtleneck and sweater to work. I had to take a picture for wouldn't have believed me otherwise!
This is my absolute favorite look too. And yes my hair is pulled back...but I do wear it down in the winter time.
Did I mention that I hate the Fall/Winter and wearing any kind of long sleeved/long panted clothing? UGGG!
Well at least I'm stylin' and profilin' for work anyway!
I had lunch with my girlfriend Cheryl today. She took me to Basilleo's for pizza buffet! Yummmm...the ultimate birthday treat for sure! She must have known that I was in dire need of some Ocean and Dolphins! She got me some Dolphin/Starfish earrings, a Starfish necklace, a Carribean Splash candle and some BLING, along with a beautiful rose card!

Now I can have my Ocean and Dolphins anytime! Thank you Cheryl for an awesome day!!

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