Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game Day

Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!

It’s was Game Day last night at the Trump Towers!

Erik has his 7th Grade football game against New Ulm last evening. They played at 4:30, so it wasn’t going to be a late night! I was going to bring Mack Daddy to take pictures with and I also grabbed the tripod too, but it was raining! They won the game though, 28-0. Erik played the whole game just about. He plays Tackle. Yep, I see Minnesota Viking tickets in my future!
Atta boy Son, great job!

This week, Natalea is in play rehearsal and volleyball. Yes, I said yes to both, as long as their grades are up, they can be in extra-curricular activities. Thank goodness the other two are still too young for that stuff. I think 6th grade is a good time to start all that. In four more years, I’ll be super soccer mom with all the kids in sports. NOT!! I’ll never be that mom…just a regular mom that likes to watch her kids play…a Spectator Mom even!

My mom wasn’t all that big into watching us either. She let us do what we wanted extra-curricularily as long as our grades were kept up. Me, I was the Boys Basketball Manager in 11th and 12th grades. Along with V…and not my V-man…Jon Velander, my classmate, Manager Partner, and Senior Prom Date. (OMG…do you see a pattern here?) ANYWHO…I was also the Boy’s Football Manager my Senior year. I lettered in both sports…and have the Bars to match too! I loved it. I used to work out with the guys sometimes. Oh of course they thought I was a crazy fool, but you know what? I didn’t care…I was getting me a good workout…and even showing some of them up. They got mad then…and put forth the extra effort. Yep, I sure miss my boys! We had a great team…a truly fun bunch of guys.

My favorite was Neal Fox…and he WAS A FOX…and my favorite #10 EVAH! He wore POLO…I knew exactly where he was at all times in school…I could smell him. I could pick him out at a pep fest…in a gymnasium of 1000 students and teachers. The cheerleaders humored me. They did a little rhyme for a rally one time…I’ll never forget it as long as I live either!

“Little Miss Marlar sat in her parlor
Eating her chips with style.
When along came her man
Whose number was 10
And flashed Miss Marlar a smile!”

Yeah, I had my eye on him alright. OOOO LA LA!! Hotstuff back then. I haven’t seen him since college though. I hear he’s an Assistant Principal in the Twin Cities somewhere. Maybe he’ll see this and get in touch…would love to see you again Neal! I still love ya honey…and I always will too!

He was such a distraction though. He taught me almost as much as V did about basketball. Assists and goals, fouls and positions…I knew nothing. I learned though, as I went along. And most importantly, I had a blast doing it.
Yep, my Friday nights consisted of Basketball games and Pizza Factory afterwards. Dad would slip me a $20 and off I’d go with a hug and a kiss and the car keys usually. I was always home by midnight though. Two minutes before even. I was a good girl always.

Then our Senior year, V and I were the Managers for both Basketball and Football. About February people started talking about prom. They were talking about how cool it would be if V and I went together…as friends of course…cause he was WAY shy. So I called him at home one day, and asked him. He said…he’d have to ask his mom, but he’d call me back. I laugh at that now, as I type this. But back then I was like, “Hurry up and call me back V!” We ended up going. We had dinner at the Lavender Inn and then off to prom we went. We did the Grand March and it got to be our turn, and they all hollered “VVVVVV” and made V’s with their arms…it was fun though. We probably only danced twice that night with each other (I said he was SHY, I wasn’t lying!). We hit the after prom party and he brought me home at 5am.

Ahhh…the good times of high school. These are the kind of times I hope my kids get to enjoy. That’s why I’ll never be that Soccer Mom. This is their time to shine, not mine. I’ll go and watch my kids play, but then I’ll let them enjoy in the after parties themselves. I hope by then I’ve raised them to be as responsible as I was back then. Remember, I never got into any trouble (my mom can tell you the same if you don’t believe me!), that was Tessie!

Next game...Thursday in Morristown. I plan on going this time, it's supposed to be nice and sunny...perfect for setting up Mack Daddy!

Until next time my beloved Fans....

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