Sunday, September 9, 2007

Definition of Love

Definition: 1) Strong affection or liking for someone or something. 2) A passionate affection of one person for another. 3) The object of such affection; a sweetheart or lover 4) Tennis score of zero.
(Taken from Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus)

There are many definitions of love.
We each have our own opinions on it.
We each were raised differently to view it in a manner similar to our elders.
We raise our children to love the same as we were taught.

As I googled for the definition of love, many things came up. I was amazed. Who knew? That one little four letter word could mean all that? Well I didn't think about it until today. I was trying to come up with a topic to blog and thought about all the things I love and the different ways I love them.

My kids, for example, I love unconditionally. They are my kids. I birthed them, nursed them, cuddled them, and nurtured them. I have a lot of love and work put into them and I couldn't imagine life without that love in it.

My parents. Kinda the same. They are my parents and I might not agree with them all the time, but I love them unconditionally. And well, you can't pick your parents. Same goes for the other relatives and kinfolk.

My friends. My realllllly close friends. And you all know who you are. I am very passionate about you. I love you like my kinfolk. Like we've been related this whole time and just didn't have the DNA to match. Unconditionally even. Just because that's me. That's how I am.

I was always taught to be a lover of all people and things. It gets misunderstood sometimes because I tell you all the time...I love you....but I truly do and it truly does come from my heart and soul. I have learned in my life of 37 say it everyday at least 20 times. Only because if tomorrow really never comes, then you will know...I will have told you enough.

And I gush a lot...all the time as a matter of fact. But that's okay too. That's also misunderstood sometimes. I rave on about things and people...because I am so passionate. I always feel like I need to get my point that you "get it" raving on and on. Yeah it might get sickening and monotonous to hear, but I feel you need to know. It's important to me that you know and fully understand what you all, my family and friends, mean to me. Words cannot express the pride and love that I feel every time I see you or talk to you. And I get excited about that passion. It's like an adrenaline rush to me. It sends that Seratonin right to my brain and we all know I'm in a way better mood then.

You see, when I lost my dad 5 years ago, I didn't get to say goodbye to him before he died. Everyday I remember that. And everyday, I tell ya'll that I love you. And while it might not mean anything to you, it means the world to me.

Once you lose someone close to your heart like that at a young age, it changes you forever. I feel I need to explain this part of me because not everyone gets to see this side of Tonja. Those that do, understand somewhat. Some are a bit freaked out I think too. Some just think I'm plain crazy. It's ok. I'm just sharing the love...unconditionally.

So while I harp on about "I Love You!", just remember the next time that I tell you, I really do mean it. I don't ever want my friends and family to think that I never loved them. Because that would be a lie, and we all know I just can't tell a lie...ask my mom, she'll back me up here!

Happy Sunday...and I LOVE YOU! Even when you're crabby. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

To much for my heart to stand!!!
U rock!
you sexy biotch!!!

tiffanysolano said...

What can I say hon. I love you with all my heart and you know that. It goes without saying!!! Even though I do tell ya all the time. You have become very much a part of my life, and I intend to keep it that way.....I could not imagine one day without you. Thanks for everything that you do and most importantly thank you for just being YOU !! I love you honey