Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day ya'll!

We don't have any plans for the day except staying home and cleaning house, doing laundry, etc.
I am glued to the computer until I get it to where it was before Wednesday. I am almost there. I just have to add in all my favorites...and OMG there are alot! That's ok though, I got the pictures...that's all I was worried about!
{STILL on cloud 9 about that...don't be laughing at me either!}

I do need to give a holler out to my favorite high school teacher...just in case he googles me. Happy Birthday Mr. Hoff! I never forget your birthday...just forget to send a card!

Tomorrow is Kim's birthday. Yes, all of us know that it's each other's birthday's this early in the month. When Kim and I were in high school, I had Mr. Hoff for homeroom, so we all celebrated together before school started. Good times, I tell ya. That seems like yesterday but in fact was 20 years ago. My how time flies when you are having fun!

And tomorrow...MARK IT DOWN...School starts!!!! I can hardly wait to get back into the routine. Early bedtimes, quiet nights, and yes...rough mornings. Thank goodness for Momma's quiet time to prepare for all of that.

I'll have to remember to pick Erik up on my way home...he'll have football practice after school now. Games are on Tuesdays and that means TT will be late to the poker table those days...but I'll be there!

Not much else going on for the week besides getting into that routine for school. And the most important part of that...Lunch at Spike's on Tuesdays with no kids even! $2 Cheeseburgers with chips and pickles! YUM!!

Happy Monday and have a MAHVELOUS day! Muah's!

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