Monday, September 3, 2007

Best Man and Bridesmaid...Part 2

Ok, since I can't get you 2 together at one time for a pic, this will have to work until April...when the more formal pics get taken.

You both know how I feel about you already...and when 1/3 is gone...this is what I do so that 3/3=1 whole. I just go into withdrawals when ya'll aren't with me!!
Maybe...but OH SO MUCH FUN!!!
Everyone should have as much fun as we do when we are all together...the world would be a happier place then!
Muah babes!!

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tiffanysolano said...

OMG !!!! You are crazy. But I love it. Starting to get accustomed to the idea of seeing my name in your blogs...lmao !! U are the best hon. I honestly can say I feel the same. It just don't seem right with out both of my 1/3's with me. I miss ya'll when you are gone !! Love ya honey !!!