Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day

The first day of school is always tough. The kids are so excited and I’m so stressed. I want them to look good on their first day, matter of fact, I want their day to be perfect. Me being the perfectionist that I am, I get stressed about it a little easier than most. The outfit has to be perfect, the hair has to be just right and then the pictures have to be taken. And DON’T tell me you won’t be getting your picture taken like Erik did this morning. We all know those pictures are my life. That’s what helps me remember the moment, especially since I already have short-term memory loss as bad as I do. If it doesn’t get documented either by photo or by list, it just doesn’t get remembered. Heck, I even save e-mails so I can remember.

But we survived this morning’s back to school routine and I think we will have a great year. If they continue to get ready as quick as they did this morning, it will be awesome.
And just to prove it, here’s some pictures for you!

With the back to school routine changing, so must mine. Man, do I hate change or what? I cringe at the thought of changing up my whole daily schedule. It just gives me the heebie jeebies…almost to the point of anxiety. YIKES! But trudge on I must…

So before work, I’ll have to get ready before I get the kids up…probably right when I wake up at 4am. That’s not so bad, then I can play poker until I have to leave…letting me play a little bit longer then.

After work, I’ll have to stop and pick Erik up from football practice on my way home. The girls will already be home, and until October, will have to be home for those 2 hours by themselves. Then it’s get supper ready, showers, and bedtime.

I’m tired already…so much for my Training Mission…lol.

Happy Hump Day…and Cheers…Here’s to a short work week!


Petra said...

Oh man - this morning was rough. We sleep in during the summer, so getting Britt up at 5:30 was brutal. Even though I go back to sleep until after 7 when I have to get the other kids up. This is going to take some getting used to! lol

tiffanysolano said...

Kids looked great hon. You did a good job !!!!