Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Whew! It's been a busy week here at the Trump Towers!
Thursday...I went to Erik's game and took tons of pictures. Some didn't turn out, but most of them did! He was so proud that he made 5 tackles and even prouder that I got one on camera!
I had a realization that day. My baby boy is becoming a young man. He's in Jr. High and in 2 years will be in High School. Next thing you know, I'll be planning the graduation party. That's my boy...#78...and we won 44-0! Not bad for 7th Graders...imagine what they'll do in 12th grade!

Friday...Natalea was in the Prairie Fire Children's Theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream...very cool adaptation of a Shakespeare great! She had a blast and of course I took pictures there too. We couldn't use the flash so as to not disturb the kids and blind them. But I did get some good ones of Natalea. She played an Understudy...and had to be a Tree in the play within a

Saturday...Natalea had Volleyball. Again, I took some pics...and I should have brought the tripod, cause I took alot of blurry pics (which I have deleted). I did get a few good ones and one of her serving the ball. She had a blast. This next Saturday, we travel to LeSeuer for her game...I'll bring the tripod and get some more action shots.

Sunday...Lazy pajama day for sure! I was so wiped out from all the running on Saturday, that I declared I was doing nothing on Sunday. I did watch the NY Giants game on tv though...only cause my friend GG was there live and in person. NY won the game...but it was a close game!
Monday-Today...Back to work and school. Erik and Natalea have practices with Erik having a game on Thursday that I won't be attending because it's out of town and can't get off of work in time.
And I'm having an attitude adjustment done too!
To my fans...I apologize if my blog was a little dark these past couple of weeks. I feel myself going back to that happy-go-lucky TT you all know and love!
Have a great day...Happy Hump Day!
Love ya'll!

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Tiffany said...

awesome!! What else can I say?