Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Let The Training Begin!

Happy Tuesday first and foremost.

As most of you know, we have a wedding coming up in April.
As most of you also know, I am in bed, toes up, by 8pm at THE very latest.
And I get up at the butt crack of dawn...usually 4am {insert the song here..hehe.} but sometimes 3am {insert that song here..hehe}.

I have a few responsibilities for the upcoming wedding, as stated in previous posts. No where in any of my job descriptions does it say sleep. Or even "Bedtime at 8pm". So I have decided to change up my biological clock's schedule and go into training mode.

I have 233 days.
Plenty of time I think.
Yeah, right. Before you know it, April will be here and I'll be saying, "I haven't trained enough yet!"

So last weekend I started staying up late and getting up early. Matter of fact, I was going to bed late and getting up early all week. I was tired, but I got 'er done. I even had the tired giggles at work. I'm sure my boss thinks I'm nuts. That's ok, we all know I am anyway...we just won't clue him in right yet.

This weekend was no different. I was up for 24 hours on Friday. That computer thing did it that night though. I was on the phone with V-man and falling asleep as he's telling me what to do. He had to kick me to bed at 2:30am because I got the giggles on him. I slept til 7am.
Up and at 'em all day with no nap on Saturday. Even got my celebratory drink on early for my birthday. I only needed one, trust me, I need training there too...I'm just not a drinker. I think I was in bed by midnight that night.
Sunday...My birthday...up at 4am and feeling great! I was up for 16 hours. I was so dang proud!

I'm feeling pretty confident now. I think I can hang with the Big Dogs for this wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in training mode...and will be for the next 233 days. And I'm loving every minute of it. While I'm in training, I have to work on not being so crabby with this lack of sleep thing. I also have to remember that my health comes first and that when my body tells me, I'll have to get the rest I need. So PHASE I has begun.

PHASE II will be the drinking part. I am a mom with 4 kids and surely don't party hard like I used to when I was 21. Kids and marriage does that to you. You settle down that part of your life. So I'm way out of shape in this aspect. Everyone involved in this wedding...knows that I'm a lightweight and in one drink I can flop like a fish on the floor.

I'm on duty until 10pm or shortly after that. And since the bars close at 2am, that leaves me a 4 hour window of opportunity. That means that I'll have to be able to drink for 4 hours and not get so toasted. I do want to remember this night, so I'll have to exercise caution and moderation. But at the same time, we have vowed to do the "Watermelon Crawl" to our rooms...me and my 2/3. Hence the training.

PHASE III will bring it all together. We'll call it implementation. I'll be on GO mode from the time I get off of work on that Wednesday before the wedding. And yes, this will be a challenge for me. But we all KNOW how I love me a good challenge. I'm gonna label it a MISSION. Then I know it will get done, and done right. After all, is there any other way to accomplish a MISSION? Absolutely not...especially a MARLAR MISSION.

Game On, ya'll. TT's ready to play now. Better get yourselves in training...it's gonna be the best fun filled weekend of activities of the year!

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