Saturday, June 2, 2007


Well we got Grandma moved in. Finally. Only took all dang day! We finally took the last load outta the truck and upstairs to her apartment at 7 p.m. They started at 9 a.m. My aunt and uncle, sister, and my boy, Erik. After work I went over to help unload. We got 'er done. Finally.

After that we went over to my mom's for some KFC. Everyone was hungry...they hadn't eaten all day. Silly kids...gotta get some fuel in that tank if you're gonna keep it running!

Now the fun part. My girls and I are going to pick grandma up at my mom's this morning and then going to help her unpack it all. I must remember to bring my camera to take pictures of the before and after. As well as my favorite pieces of Grandma's furniture. There's just something cool about Grandpa's dresser. You'll see.

Should be a fun time anyway. A teaching moment at that. I can teach the girls about some of the things that are in the family history. And Grandma can tell the stories behind each piece of furniture or knick knack. That's just plain COOL.

Oh and I can't forget to set out the scrapbooks for my baby cousin. They are studying WWII in her class and she wanted to bring the ration tickets that Grandma has to show the class. Very Cool! She's 12...same age as Erik...they are 6 or 7 days apart actually...with Jaimee` being the oldest...but Erik is the biggest!

Then after Erik and Tom get done with their Boy Scout things, they have to go back to Grandma's old apartment and grab her drapes and the ceiling fan. Hopefully they'll be able too. I don't know though. I'll have my mom call and make sure before we waste the gas to get there. And they'll have to use mom's car. I need tires on mine...I can see the radial belts starting to show. I'll be surprised if I make it into town for a couple of new tires this morning.

Anywho, is it Sunday yet?? I can't wait to sleep in a lil bit (yeah, right!) and just relax. I'm looking forward to that!

Happy Saturday!

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