Friday, June 8, 2007


Well another busy weekend. I'll be glad when I can relax a bit on my weekends off.

Last night they kicked off the Waterville Bullhead Days with the Queen's Pageant. Tonight I think we will walk over to the carnival on Main Street and at least check it out. After supper of course. I'm not spending anymore money than I have to. The kids might get to go on one ride. Of course I will be tired after work...I'll be like the Little Engine That Could....I think I can...I think I can.

Last weekend they had all the carnival rides parked across the street at the school parking lot. I was scared that it was going to be right there! All I could think about was the noise and the litter in my yard....ugh! I'm so happy that it's not in my front yard! Grandma's birthday party! It's at Keystone...from 1-5. We'll go for probably the whole thing and I'll take pictures of everyone. My mom invited her it should be a hoot! A bunch of Iowegians with sick senses of humor for sure! Too much fun almost!

I think I'll designate Sunday as "Clean the house Day" and try to tackle another project. This time it will be the entertainment center. I need to dust and organize it. Usually I have a candle shrine on it...not sure though if I will do that this time. I still have dolphin knick knacks to unpack. Maybe I will put all my snowglobes up there...I dunno yet. More purging for sure. I just don't have the space I used to have...and there's wayyyy to much stuff in this tiny house!

After that...then it's my scrap stuff...if there's time. That's an all day project in itself. I really need to go through my patterned papers though. I have tons that I probably will never use. I think I will write down and sketch out my ideas for my papers too...then I can go back and do the layouts later. Ahh...the fun of it! Then maybe next weekend I can scrap...oh wait...I have a birthday party next weekend too! Maybe I need to take a vacation day soon. I only have 5 so I don't want to burn them up so early in the year! I'll have to check on that one. Which reminds me...I need to order a cake!

Have a great Friday...and like Torm says...Be Good!

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