Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tommy Update

Tommy came home yesterday and then had to report to the prison.
They let him keep his uniforms though and if he's healed up by the 20th of April, he'll go back up north to finish out his training.
Tomorrow he'll go to the doctor.
But for now, Dr. Trump is in da house and says what Dr. Urbi always did...RICE treatment!
And ibuprofren in addition to what the doctor gave him.

So the countdown to Ashley's graduation continues, but not without stress.
That's probably why I look forward to that workout...it's a great stress reliever!
Pain is a good thing, right?

On another note, is it the weekend yet?
Of course I have big plans...don't I always?
We'll see how much of it gets done though!

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway there baby!!

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