Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday and Happy Passover!
(sorry I missed the April 8th start of Passover)

Speaking of Passover...there was a nice little article on about Kosher. Very interesting to learn that bit of information. And now I know where that slang term "Kosher" came from. Very cool!

Tommy went to the doctor yesterday and got a referral for an Orthopedic doctor. We're waiting to see when the appointment is. I'll be going to that one.
My son however, is healthy. And modest. He made his own dad step out of the office for the "cough" exam. And turned beat red when I asked him about it. I continue to keep the communication lines open between us. Heh.

Tommy is back working 4 days so he's off today. His list is a mile long. Sort of.
He needs to hit the post office for some flat rate boxes so I can ship this stuff.
And ship my perm rods and shears. My girlfriend is in desperate need apparently.
He's got to call the vet's office and the kennel.
And the usual laundry, dishes, and housekeeping. I don't want to be doing that all this weekend. I have homework to do and photos to sort through. I have a project in the works due June 1st!

Tommy bought a Wahl clipper for me...corded with color coded attachments. LOVE THIS! I have missed my Wahl ever since my other one died. Now to get some new shears. Soon as I have that extra $75! (My gold Diane's were only $20 in 1988!)

With that I'll say,
Happy Friday!

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