Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo Share

Here are some photos I edited this morning...
Apparently this was taken when Dalton hit that "almost" homerun...Dude belted out to left field (toward third anyway) to the fence...awesome hit...and then ran all the way to third!
My son...can't chew gum to save his soul...Bless his heart!
He finally got to play First Base...Kent Hrbek eat your heart out!!
Making the play...he tagged the dude out!
This proves he does have my sense of go boy!!
Apparently he can't quite yet cook like his grandma! He needs his kitchen in order first!!
This is my bookcase.
I've had this bookcase since I was a used to be white with brown trim. Now it's white with azul shelves. Grandpa would have been proud...he would have been more impressed if I would have taken the time to strip it and sand it though...and replace all the screws with matching hardware. I like it though...and next time, I'll do it up proper.
In other news...Tommy's doing fine up north. He ran his mile in under the 16 minutes, so he's good there. Now he's working on those sit ups and push ups. Go Tommy Go!
Apparently he has internet access in the library.
(Hi honey!)
He'll be home sometime on Friday...unknown as to what hour though.
That's all for now....until we meet again!
Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

hi girl, how are u today. love u and miss u and the kids.