Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Photo Share

Either she's been listening to too much George Michael (Outside comes to mind) or she's a Daddy Wannabe.
Collins Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee Erik M. Trump, April 16, 2009...8th Grade.
Most Improved Player...MIP.

Coach Maybin...and Gabby's 5th grade Science teacher (sorry for the blurriness here).

Coach Freeman...Principal, Collins Middle School. He stands about 6' 5" and as my aunt Jan would say, "He's one big dude!" (He calls me Madea!)

Peanut and M&M (a.k.a. Bubba) on my bed. He's getting fixed on Thursday so we hope he settles down enough to not have to be kennelled anymore.

She's got a bounce in her step. That's my girl Monique!

Monique, Kaitlyn, and Gabryelle with their 6 egg limit...MANY folks were hoarding eggs and walking out with BAGFULS! I was apalled to say the RUDE!

Proof there is a Jillian workout...which has been on hold for the last few days as my knee heals. Sucks, but gotta RICE it.
Happy Sunday...I'm off to get an education and plan some layouts.

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