Monday, April 13, 2009

Before and After

This week's lesson in Image Editing class is Image Restoration/Fix. While I think I don't need any lesson in this (I've been doing it for 10 years now), I do need lessons in this awesome Mack Daddy program I have and how to better utilize it for my photo restoration. Last night, while going through SOME of my photos for Ashley's project, I came across this adorable photo. Complete with adhesive on it from some 2 sided tape Glenda used in 1972 to make a photo collage on some HOT PINK terrycloth...I kid you not. True story. I have quite a few photos from that collage I think. Anywho, here's the before and after:
I'll never know why they put that white border on it when they developed it. These are on some thick polaroid film...almost cardboard like. This photo was taken January 28, 1971. Notice the cute moccasins...which all of my kids wore as well. Very cool!

I do have some more photos scanned in and the assignment is to challenge yourself, so we'll see what I can do with torn and scratched photos.

Happy Monday!

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