Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bubba Trump

Bubba Trump was admitted into the Animal Clinic this morning for his surgery.
The more I called him Bubba Trump, the more I laughed and thought of Bubba Gump.

That was after we dropped kiddos off at school and he started barking...I though Mr. Freeman was gonna duck for cover! Too funny...I got Madea Backup!

Anyway...thoroughly impressed so far with this clinic. The girl even came out to the van to get him with me...they are really sweet over there and I think I've found my permanent vet...especially after I explained my case to them.
Zero tolerance, I tell ya...with my kiddos and my fur babies.

He will be all clean and purddied up and we'll pick him up after 11 tomorrow.
HOPEFULLY he won't have to have one of those cones...we'll see.

Erik and Tommy are doing the street dance thing tomorrow...I think we'll go for a bit if Bubba Trump is ok. We'll see how tired I am too...I've been overly tired lately...not sure what that's about, but I'm hoping a weekend of scrapping will help.

Enough for Thursday...

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