Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Is not me today.
In my workout the last 2 days, my knee has been hurting.
So that's on hold (or at least the butt kicks, jumping jacks, etc. is) for the moment until I heal.
There's dishes to be done and laundry to catch up on among other things.
Homework and image editing.
And I'm tired already.

Tomorrow night is the Spring Sports Banquet.
I won't have to cook or think about cooking tomorrow.
More than likely it'll be chicken and coleslaw, buns and beans, and southern banana pudding complete with 'nilla wafers. Someone hold Mo back.

I think I'll make an appointment for Bubba on Friday to get neutered. That boy needs a hormone fix for sure. He's way too hyper. If I do it now, he should be healed by the time we leave and have to kennel him and Peanut up.

Hasta Manana.

Oh yeah, I forgot to post a ya go!!
Jenny and her kidlins....aren't they beautiful?? I miss my lil sis...and can't believe she's a momma already...and so GORGEOUS!! Seems like yesterday when they brought her and her brother to us...ah yes, that's another post after I scan in those photos!!



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