Monday, July 30, 2007


I got through the Barbies...and the Babydolls...there are just Polly Pockets left to sort and purge...Man what a job that is!! I think we'll do that on Sunday though. I plan on staying home Saturday to scrapbook and do up a few sample invites for Bruce and Irene's upcoming wedding. If I get my book. I had to order another one...cause I just simply can't find mine. It's the Creating Keepsakes Wedding Ideas book. I used it for my friend Cheryl's wedding...and now I can't find it. And I never ever loan out I know it has to be in a box that is more towards the garage wall...cause I went through all the other boxes...and I do mean ALL.

I even checked in the luck though. It just has to be in a box by the wall. Those are the only one's I didn't get too...and couldn't get too for all the furniture in my way. Once we haul that all out for the sale though..I will be going through them boxes. It's literally driving me nuts. I hope that book comes by Friday. I'll be calling that store today I think to make sure she got my order. For $5.99 I couldn't go wrong...and if I find my other one, I'll surely sell one of them.

Have a great Monday!!

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