Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16

Good Monday morning to you! I hope you had a productive weekend like I did!

Yesterday I was all set to clean house...until my girlfriend called. She wanted me to take a run with her to the Cities to get her a Kodak Dock/Printer. And we had to be back before 3pm because her husband had to go to work. She didn't want her daughter to be home alone in case Ruby decided to deliver them puppies. She is thinking she'll deliver them today or tomorrow. I have to remember to bring the camera to work with me, just in case. I'll have to bring some puppy delivery clothes along too...don't wanna get my work clothes all puppy-ized. According to the vet, there are 6 for sure...we think there are 9 total..just like last time.

I did get the computer desk cleaned and my printer hooked up. Now I need to get my cd burners working so that I can save my pictures to a disc. I only have about 1100 pictures on my computer, and it's taking up too much space now. I must invest in an external hard drive I I'll have to go through and edit them first I think and delete the doubles.

And while I'm at work today, I have to make a list of all the places I've contacted about my uncle. And then follow up with them...maybe make a few phone calls today. Time will tell..and I need to learn some patience...I hope my Uncle Ronnie gets home soon...I really need that phone number to the person who knows all these answers.

On my other list of things to do today....
Make copies...of my meal planner and price book pages.
Check in with the girlfriend on the puppy situation.
Tell Tom what to make for supper.
Figure out my file folder labels.
Re-Analyze the Creating Keepsakes Magazine.
Stop for some groceries if I don't deliver puppies today.
Have Tom check on his fine repayment.
Shop on spend my $25 gift certificate that I won!!
Dishes (going to do them after this).

I think that's enough to keep me busy at work while the Boss is in Court today.
Happy Monday, ya'll!

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