Monday, July 9, 2007

Camping Trip

The Camping Trip from more like it.

Saturday morning, the boys tried to leave. Tom had no gas in the car, so he had to take my van and fill up the gas can. It's 8:20 a.m. and he's supposed to meet the other 2 boys 5 miles down the road. I got a phone call from the Troop members, they are at her house waiting for him.
All day goes by, no phone calls, no nothing. So I think they made it ok and are having a grand old time. No...not so. Tom got lost and didn't read the map or stop for directions. It took them almost 12 hours to go only 3 away...maybe 4. And I only sent $100 with him. I figured that'd be enough to get him there and back. I was mistaken. He had called his sister to wire him money. She in turn called me to make sure it (KMart) was in Wisconsin and not Minnesota. I googled and mapquested.

In the meantime...and it's Sunday by now...The Camp calls me...."We haven't seen your husband or kids, when did they leave?" OK...maintain composure and try not to get angry at this guy...."He left yesterday morning at lost on the way...and arrived last night at 9:30." " you know what camp he is at? Is it Souix?" "Yes, I believe so...Don't you have walkie talkies?" "Yes, but not every staff member has one." "Well go find my husband and kids and then call me back to let me know they are ok." At this point I'm thinking..."Dumba$$"....I DON'T have patience like that....for would make sense to check all the campsites first, THEN call the wife and see what's going on...I'm not letting them go

I'll be glad when they are home safe. I was looking forward to peace and quiet...but not all this stress.

Meanwhile....the girls and I, and my neice Megan, played M&M Monopoly all weekend. Natalea won the first game on Saturday and Megan won the game on Sunday. She's addicted now...gotta love it! Her mom is gonna be mad...she'll wanna play all the time now!

I'm off to wake the girls up and get ready for work...try to have a Happy Monday!

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