Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trampin' Yankees

Oh Christmas Tree....
Here is what I did for gifts for the folks at the office. The majority of them got trees...as that's what they wanted. I did 3 snowmen too. I think a total of 13 projects...Lynn picked out a tree.
On to the trampin' yankee childrens...
Love this shot of Mo with her hair all spread out...this girl LOVES that trampoline. She goes out in the morning and evening to get her tramp on....seriously too funny!!
Her and Erik have a blast...he jumps and she bounces...and giggles...and laughs...and loves her brother...and he loves her too.
She thinks she's cool...cause she can do tricks...touch her toes...and front flips...with supervision, of course. Go get your tramp on girl!
Two more days until Christmas...I'm getting excited as Santa will be stopping here for some pretty good yankee childrens this year. I can't wait to see their faces when they see it all! That's my favorite part I think...Happy Tuesday...today and tomorrow left to work then I'm off until January 2, 2009. Where DID the year go?

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