Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

Let it be known...
It's 80 degrees here today.
It was foggier than all get out this morning.
There was a MOSQUITO on my windshield this morning.
And my van really does run smooth with some fresh tires on it.

Sad but true, it's below zero in Minnesota with some freshly fallen snow (like 10 inches on the ground or more).

And I don't feel so hot.
The flu is going around up here, so I hope I'm not getting it.
I'd be mad....I'm not missing the Madea Tour for NOTHING!!
Speaking of which...wonder if there are studio tours?
I'm off to check...

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Anonymous said...

TT--What is your addy? I need to mail you something! You can write it back to me at


Auntie Danna