Friday, December 26, 2008

Ralphie and Annie Oakley's

I have my very own Annie Oakley right here. She looks SO serious as she tries to hit that bleach jug that's about 6 feet or so from her to the left. We got Erik a bb/pellet gun for Christmas this year. We even wrapped it up for Lynn...he didn't think that was funny...but we're still rollin' about it!! He knows the rules that come with it though, especially after being around guns with his Auntie Cheryl all these years. The girls also know the rules.
Here's Gabby taking her turn...funny thing the girls want their own too!! Who knew they had hunting in their blood...
Here they are on the tramp...they looked like they were waiting on a deer to come jump out at them...hysterical, I tell ya!
Anywho, I am off to edit more photos and then off to Hobby Lobby to see what I can find for my scraproom...I need to get this project in gear and organize it vertically! Hopefully they will have shelving on sale...and I have to get laundry soap at least sometime today. I may spend the extra 2 bucks and get it from the grocery store...and AVOID Wal-Mart like the PLAGUE today!!
For the record...Natalea didn't shoot the gun nor had any interest in doing so...she's LOVING the THANK YOU MEGAN!!!

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