Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mack Daddy Program

I found out yesterday through a classmate that we get a FREE upgrade to the Adobe CS4 software.
For those of you who don't know, this software, on the Adobe site, is $2499.00.
$899 for just the UPGRADE.
I love school.
You think I can do tricks now, heh, WAIT N SEE BABY!
I am taking that Digital Illustration class that focuses on the Illustrator part of that program.
Easy A here, I think.
(I got my books yesterday and OMG I hate math!)
This A will be a struggle, but I'm confident I will get it done.
The Computer Applications book is the same one I had for the Office XP class I took 3+ years ago, only for Office 2007. And it's THICKER.
Easy A though, right there.
So, alas, I still maintain momentum with the A's.
I feel good about it too.
Everything else, I've handed over to God to handle for me.
While we didn't win the Mega Millions last night, there's still hope for us in doing so.
Tyler Perry rules once again and continues to do good in this world and influence little people like myself. Go Madea G0!
When I get my new program (or maybe in my not so spare time this weekend) I will edit and post some photos.
Oh and watch for a package to arrive next week also Mother. I picked up some cute things for my lil bro.

Happy Wednesday.

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