Saturday, December 6, 2008


My horoscope said...A person from your past will surprise you.
I didn't know it'd be Pinarello. Hehe.
Hello my friend, hello. I've missed you too!
Thank you for the kind words...Muah!

Now, grade check. By posting my grades publicly, I'm not only answering to myself, but to all of you, my blog readers as well. This is a team project, and I need your support and understanding most of all.

Intro to Graphic Design=98%
Success Strategies=96%

You have no idea what those grades mean to me. There is this week and next left of this term and I'm over the top THRILLED with my progress. Having a learning disability has not stopped me from succeeding this time. My strategy is to take it week by week and not look ahead and it's working.

I'm sorry that I've neglected you, my friends and family, but this is something that has to be done in order for us to have a better future. The rewards will far outweigh the struggles to get there. Hang in there with me, please.

Now, when I win the Mega Millions...(it's up to 170+ million now)
~I'm donating a million dollars to Collins School for a gymnasium that has air conditioning. First and foremost. Already told Principle Freeman. Hehe. We're calling it Trump Auditorium. family will get a million each. At least.
~Children's Hospital in Minneapolis gets a couple million to build a nice family area with real beds so that next time I spend the night there, I'm comfy.
~My friends (and you know who you are) will be outfitted with a new abode.
~I'll be dining with George Michael in London after I'm done with all that (and a nice donation to the Goss-Michael Foundation)
~The secretaries will have a nice Christmas at the office with at least $25,000 apiece for them and their families.
~I'd donate $5000 to each family at Collins School so that they could have a good Christmas too.
~A new house with farm land for us and new vehicles too.
~A hefty donation to the Epilepsy Foundation as well as Camp Oz and Camp Odayin. I want kids to experience what I did.
~I might have to quit my job and tour the United States. That'll be lastly though.
Bottom line is...I'd share.
I didn't get to where I am today without help and if I had that much money, I'd sure help someone else. Sure, the odds are few and far between, but you know what..mark my words right's in writing...and don't doubt me...this could be my next mission. hehe.

Saturday in the park, I think it was almost Christmas.
We have 2 parades today...Vidalia and Lyons.
Someone was AWFULLY ambitious and entered the boy scouts in them both.
One is at 10:15 this morning and the other is at 6 tonight. Nothing like wasting a day.
I have a patch to sew on.
Toodles and Happy Saturday.
Say your prayers that we win that MegaMillions.

P.S. The girls basketball team won their game last night 23-22 against Metter. AWESOME of the best girls' game's I've seen in my LIFE! I'll try to edit photos, even though Nat didn't play, I feel like the team photog. Hehe! It's great practice!

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