Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

6719+ photos later...
That's how many photos I have uploaded to my Shutterfly account this year as of this minute.
That's not including any that I take today or tonight.
And I didn't print 1/4 of those...yet.

Ally did a Layout Year In Review...which inspired me to do my own like this.
Here's what we did this year...What did you do?

We moved to Collins, Georgia from frigid Minnesota.
We celebrate Valentine's Day and Erik's birthday long distance as Tommy, Gabby, and Erik are still in Minnesota.
The girls see the ocean for the first time and are in love.
Tommy and Erik bring Gabby down along with 1/2 of our furniture and stuff.
Puppies are born...3 out of 7 lived.
Ashley turns 18...MAJOR milestone for the child that wasn't supposed to live to tell about it.
I start my job at the office after my trip to Minnesota for the B&I Wedding.
Kids get out of school...and actually adjusted well and loved it.
Tommy and Erik come home in time for Natalea's birthday.
Erik sees the ocean for the first time.
Kylie comes to visit.
Tommy celebrates his birthday and a new job.
Kids start school and Erik adjusts well to a new football team.
I celebrate my birthday.
Halloween is a learning experience here and fun at the same time.
Mo's birthday is celebrated by Bowling and the kids have a blast.
Thanksgiving is spent quietly at home with a nice ham dinner.
Gabby's birthday is spent quietly at home.
Annie Lynn comes for Christmas vacation.
New Year's Eve is the traditional Monopoly Marathon.
(Only decision is WHICH Monopoly to play!)

I also found Faith in God, myself, and others this year.
I changed my attitude and in doing so, changed my life.
I accomplished things I'd never thought I'd live to see.
And we've had an amazing year because of all that.
I can't wait to see what 2009 brings us!
Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!

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