Monday, December 8, 2008

I Sold A Diamond

Yep, it's true.
Our little girl Diamond was sold to a hunter yesterday.
He's gonna field train her to hunt duck.
She'll like that since she likes to retrieve anyway.

Chubbie sure misses her and Peanut was going nuts yesterday when they were here.
The kids miss her too, but it sure was quiet this morning until all the kids got up. The dogs didn't start squirming until then.

Tonight, I'll have the kids bring Chubbie inside. No sense in keeping him out there by himself now and besides, it's cold out there. My ultimate goal is to get him to be like Peanut in the house. And eventually we'll get Midnight neutered.

Happy Monday.
Back to work day.
School schedule confirmed. I will be taking Digital Imaging, Computer Applications, and College Algebra. Guess who's gonna be busy learning Algebro. It won't be Madea. Heh.

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