Friday, August 24, 2007

Favorite Smells

Polo by Ralph Lauren
Obsession by Calvin Klein
Draakar Noir

My 3 favorite men’s colognes that I can sum up in one word…YUMMY! I also like Farenheit by Christian Dior. MMMmmmm…..GOOD! If I catch you wearing any of these, you better run. I don’t care. Call me weird, call me goofy, call me what you will, but I WILL sniff you. You have been warned…this is the only disclaimer I will give.

I like the smell of Banana Bread fresh out of the oven. Nothing smells better on a nice crisp and cool autumn day.

And speaking of fresh baked bread, the smell of white bread coming out of the oven is truly delicious. I love having a piece fresh out of the oven with tons of butter on it…all melted…yum!

I like the smell of a Home Interior Hazelnut Candle. I believe they quit making them though. Bummer. I also like the Coffee Cake candle, and the Baked Apple Pie candle. Reminds me of grandma’s house. Good stuff there.

My absolute favorite smell (besides the cologne).
Always have to stop and smell the roses too.
Even if it is a cliché.

Campfire. Love the smell of a campfire during the summer. In the winter it’s replaced with the Fireplace smell. Yummy!

Why am I talking about smells? Because smells trigger memories in our brains. We remember by association of smell. At least I do. Like the bread. Everytime I bake a loaf of bread, it brings me back to my mom’s kitchen when I was a little girl. Good times, I tell ya.

And if you know me, then you know that it’s all about the memories. Capturing that moment and never letting go of it. Remembering the feeling. Forever.

Because that's all that counts and all that you have.

Happy Friday, ya'll!!

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